How To Tell if A Married Woman is Attracted To You?

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Love and attraction is a tricky game altogether. While we have formed a society based on the principle of monogamy, such laws don’t bind the heart. A person can feel attracted to anyone at any point of time in life.

But, the social norms often prevent us from expressing our true feelings. And, it becomes even more complicated when a person is already married.

Believe it or not, married women can feel attracted to someone other than their husband too. What you do about it is a different story altogether, but, how do you know whether a married woman is attracted to you or not? Let’s find out.

Telltale signs that a married woman is attracted to you

A married woman, too, feels the need to be noticed by the opposite sex in the society. And, this often results in her in getting attracted to some other person. She will give out some clear indications too. You just need to know what they are.

Smiling, giggling and laughing happens a lot

laughing girl

If she is attracted to you then she will certainly enjoy your company.

It will include a lot of smiling, giggling and laughing.

This might even sound a little flirtatious.

They become quite girlish as well. If you find any married woman doing these around you, check out for other signs as well. she is probably into you already.

She will tease you

hot woman

When the woman is attracted to you, she will tease you quite a bit too.

She will try to find out if you are interested in her as well and will wait to see if you tease her back. If this makes you feel any better, the teasing part can be as seducing as the girls do it in Toronto escort.

This playful nature is clear sign that she is more than being merely familiar with you.

Physical proximity reduces quite fast

Any woman, whether married or not, will drop the physical barrier and distance between her and the person she is attracted to.

You will find that she is getting physically close to you if she is attracted to you. The touches are not really sexual in nature, but quite innocuous, such as touching your arm or chest.

She might even touch her own arms, as a clear indication of invitation. If she is standing close to you and exhibiting these behaviors, it is clear sign that she is interested in you.

Feet and legs exhibit signs too


This becomes a little confusing for those who are unaware, but if a woman is directing her knees and toes directly at you, she is most probably attracted to you. She will also let her legs brush up against yours. Frequent crossing and uncrossing of her legs are not always because she is nervous, she might be trying to get your attention.

Listen to her voice

Her voice will reveal he true feelings quite well. Know how to recognize various tones. It will become softer and more flirting like.

If you are not too sure if a married woman is really attracted to you, look out for these signs. She will certainly exhibit one or more of these. Where it leads on from there is something that only time will decide!

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