Do Open Relationships Work?

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According to Zoosk, 30 to 60 percent of all married couples engage in adulterous relationships at some point during their union. With the rising percentage of people getting divorced and a large number of people in unhappy relationships, it is not surprising that some couples are adopting an open relationship philosophy. Here are some fundamental principles you may want to adopt if you are considering leading a non-monogamous lifestyle.

Define The Parameters

For some partners, frequenting swingers clubs and attending sex parties each weekend adds a level of spiciness that keeps each partner happy. Some partners prefer the intimacy and support that only a polyamorous relationship can provide. There are many different types of open relationships; both partners need to be on the same page and have similar goals in order for it to work.

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

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If you start sneaking around with someone or develop emotional feelings for a new person, it is vital that you share this with your partner. Your significant other is still your primary relationship, and it is important to disclose any feelings as they come up and before they cause an issue in your relationship. When you are honest, you minimize the probability of jealousy, and your partner may surprisingly want to develop an intimate relationship with your new love interest.

Open Communication Is Key

Open relationships deal with a lot of moving people, places and things. Open relationships require even more communication and transparency than monogamous relationships because feelings of jealousy are much more common and prevalent in these types of relationships. You and your partner should have clear-cut boundaries when it comes to the types of intimate details you will divulge, how you will balance your time with each other and outside relationships equally.

Before committing to an open relationship, you should be able to express yourself freely with your partner. You each should be able to address potential concerns, outline expectations and divulge the reason you each desire an open relationship. Some people need more sexual stimulation; other people need a deep emotional connection.

Keep A Detailed Schedule

One of the keys to having a successful open relationship is to keep an accurate calendar of upcoming events, parties and rendezvous dates. You should keep a separate calendar if you plan to have more than one side relationship, but you can utilize one date book or calendar if you plan to share a lover.

Jealousy Is Common


As human beings, jealousy is a natural emotion. The feelings of jealousy are exacerbated in an open relationship. If you find yourself starting to act out or feel unimportant, you may want to reconsider this lifestyle.

In an open relationship, both parties have a fundamental connection and union that branches off to include engaging in physical and emotional relationships with other people simultaneously. Open relationships can work, but they can get messy without transparency, honesty and communication. According to Self Magazine, 4 to 5 percent of people are in open relationships.

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