Dating 101: Everything You Need To Know About The First Date

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When exactly did the dating game get so complicated? That is the kind of question that so many ask themselves in our modern world. This is not without reason, it does feel different to many. The means of communications (spoken or unspoken), the social rules, and the expectations of both partners are always fluid. In this piece we want to look at some of the dynamics impacting dating today.

1. Technology Has Become A Bigger Part Of The Picture

Dating or courtship in generations past involved the use of the telephone for as long as that device has been around. Aside from that and written letters, the methods of communication between two people who had begun dating was largely done face-to-face. People had to be good at interpersonal communication to have a successful date.

Today, technology has climbed into the way that people date more and more. It dictates how we communicate with each other, and some say that it even disrupts our ability to communicate person to person.

2. First Impressions Still Matter

Although the first impression that we may get of a person may be from behind a screen these days, that first in-person interaction between two individuals undoubtedly has a big influence on how well the relationship is going to go. It is important to put your best clothing on and to be well put together.

3. Authentic People End Up On Second Dates

There is nothing more hated than going on a date with a person who is honestly not being themselves. Most everyone expects to be treated with more respect than that. As such, it is a good idea to stay true to who you are while at the same time working to not offend your date. Let them know about your personality and ask them questions about their own. See what you can learn about your partner to be able to relate to them more closely.

4. Avoid Hot Topic Issues

This is an old piece of advice, but in the politically charged environment that we live in today, it is worth repeating. You should avoid controversial topics of conversion when out on a first date. It might seem easy to pivot to these as they are often in the news, but it is probably a bad idea. Also, don’t talk about the adult activities they might be involved with as it might make them a bit uncomfortable. People can have a lot of emotion tied up into certain issues, and you don’t want to poke the bear when you are first getting to know someone. The answers to where your partner stands on these topics will make themselves clear with time.

5. Try To Establish An Inside Joke

You can increase your odds of getting a second date if you can establish an inside joke between yourself and your date. There is a sense of intimacy that comes with having a joke that only the two of you understand. Don’t try to force it too hard as this will come off as cheesy but see if there is something that the two of you can laugh about from the first date to make transitioning to a second date a little easier.

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