6 Tips For Your First Date With Someone New

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There is plenty of dating advice offered by both experts and those who are far from it. It seems that this is a topic that everyone wants to throw their two cents in on. It is pretty hard to get away from it as a matter of fact. That being said, we need to look at some of the pieces of advice that are peddled around that are not at all helpful to those who are trying to get into the dating game.

Myth 1. You Will Know Right Away If You Meet The Right Person

The odds are that you will not. People seem to believe in the concept of love at first sight largely from what they have seen in the movies and in popular culture in general. In the real world, that rarely happens. It is more of a process of getting to know a companion and figuring out what works between the two of you. Do not expect there to be some magic bullet from the moment you meet a new person.

Myth 2. Internet Dating Is For Creeps

This advice is mostly just outdated. It was something that may have been more true in the early days of online dating, but the concept has been widely accepted by the general public at this point. Some studies show that around twenty-five percent of all new marriages start online.

Myth 3. Play Hard To Get

Play Hard To Get

This is advice that everyone seems to give and yet no one truly appreciates being on the receiving end of. Who wants to spend their time trying to work out a jigsaw puzzle of a person instead of just getting to know them on a deeper level? That is the question you should really be asking yourself. By the way, girls do not appreciate this no matter what you have been told.

Tip 1. Avoid Even Playful Teasing

Avoid Even Playful Teasing

A little playing teasing of your love interest can be a great way to flirt. You might think that this would be a put off for all people, but that is not true. As long as you don’t get too personal with your jabs and make it clear that you only mean them in a playful way.

Tip 2. Never Speak About Things That Could Be Controversial

Never Speak About Things That Could Be Controversial

It is true that you should avoid some topics right off the bat when you are first getting to know someone. It is not a good idea to make a person feel bad or defensive about views that they have on things like religion or politics. However, you might want to test around the waters a little bit when it comes to these topics just to see where you potential partner stands if these are things that are very important to you.

Tip 3. First Impressions Make All The Difference

First Impressions Make All The Difference

We do make a lot of assumptions about people based on first impressions, but we do not have to stress out too much and think that we have only one chance to get it all right. Take some of the stress off of your shoulders and just try to be yourself.

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