7 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Matches on Dating Apps Anymore

You have been active on several dating apps for a while and don’t seem to be getting the right matches for yourself?

There are times you have liked a profile and would have wanted to go ahead. When you go out with your friends and they talk about how their previous date night went, you may wonder where it’s going wrong for you?

Let us try to break it down to you about why your dating profile is not getting the right swipes.

Your dating profile isn’t optimized well

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Let’s break it down to you as having an amazing profile picture makes all the difference in the world. You simply cannot afford to have your favorite pop star or actor’s picture as your DP. It shows poorly of you and speaks volumes about your confidence levels.

If you think you have a decent picture of yourself already, then consult with your good friends as to what they think of it. Toronto Escorts www.hotcompanions.ca suggests you get them to click some amazing outdoor shots of you being your chirpiest and happiest self!

Your ‘About’ section is a yawn


The next thing, of course, is your “about” section.

Either you go for a predictable one-liner that is ‘Whatsup?’ or you write down short paragraphs.

Both are a big no and having a bio that starts with ‘I am an engineer looking for some company’ will be shot down in seconds.

Mix up words and try to get funky. A few words and some pictures are posing as your first impression to the dating world and it is extremely important.

Blank Bio

Blank Bio

Are you lazy to write a few words about yourself? This will be you sending out signals of being someone who will put in no efforts at all.

Think about some of your hobbies or things you like to do and add it to your bio in a fun way. If failing try Toronto Top Notch Escorts

It’s not your work profile and is your chance to be the cool and fun person.

You have been swiping right a tad too much

swiping right

Tinder is said to have an algorithm called Elo. While we can’t detail into how this algorithm works, we know for sure that the app penalizes people swiping right way too much.

This is a typical shot in the foot moment right as you begin in Tinder or any other dating app.

By swiping right a lot you are said to be termed as a fake account and chances of you matching with others who have high response rates will not be possible.

Your opening responses matter

Your opening responses matter

To be frank, steer clear of plain opening lines like ‘hey’, ‘sup dude’ as you aren’t in a dating app to “BROzone” someone. keep in mind that you are likely to go on a date. Expand a little further by creating your personal ways of texting the match.

You will catch the attention of your match if the opening lines are creative and not bland.

Expand the conversation further

Expand the conversation further

Both you and your match don’t seem to be hitting off well so far and who are we to say what could happen in the virtual world?

It takes time to establish a point where you want to ask each other out and not every swipe is about getting physical. Some patience to go ahead with a potential date is all you want, right now.

You are excessively chatty

You are excessively chatty

Everyone knows why you would be on a dating app and there is no reason to beat around the bush while extending a conversation.

You have asked a personal question to your match and the reply isn’t here yet. Do not bug the person and try to pass over as desperate.

People warm up in different ways and you never know he/she could be dying to meet you in person and talk about that thing you asked!